Preview the endpoint

The Pipeline dashboard provides a preview that shows the results of a request based on the transformations and orchestration done by the pipeline. It displays the structure and data types of the resultant endpoint.

Preview Endpoint

The following shows a preview of the Endpoint full-car/{variant_id} where variant_id is set to QLM_KROSUS_4_DOORS_LIMO.

"body": {
"model": {
"brand": "QLM",
"description": "Lore Ipsum donor set amet…",
"model": "Krosus"
"extras": [
"fuel_consumption_lkm": 12.6,
"variant_id": "QLM_KROSUS_4_DOORS_LIMO",
"base_price_EUR": 23456.78,
"engine": {
"fuel_type": "Diesel",
"manufacturer": "Remedy Engines",
"power_hp": 180,
"price": 4800
"topspeed_kmh": 220,
"model_id": 947432,
"engine_type_id": 547290,
"in_stock": true
"status": 200,
"headers": {
"Content-Type": "application/json"
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