Test the endpoint

After publishing the project, Xapix generates a curl and a powershell command that you can use for testing the endpoint.

Bearer Token Expires Daily - For security reasons, the bearer token is refreshed daily. You will need to update the token if you republish the project after the token has expired, usually after a period of 24 hours.

Copy and run the cURL or PowerShell command to test endpoint
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--request GET \




In the Publish Project area, copy the cURL or PowerShell command.


Run the command in your favorite terminal.


Check the results to determine if this is what you were expecting.

If you followed the steps in the tutorial, you should get the following results.

"model": {
"brand": "QLM",
"description": "Lore Ipsum donor set amet?",
"model": "Krosus"
"extras": [
"fuel_consumption_lkm": 12.6,
"variant_id": "QLM_KROSUS_4_DOORS_LIMO",
"base_price_EUR": 23456.78,
"engine": {
"fuel_type": null,
"manufacturer": null,
"power_hp": null,
"price": null
"topspeed_kmh": 220,
"model_id": 947432,
"engine_type_id": 547290,
"in_stock": true


And that's how you create a pipeline using the pipeline dashboard.