Event Streams
Xapix processes data streams in real-time using either Kafka event streams or Azure Event Hub. Using a low-code approach, seamlessly connect to data streams that generate data regularly or randomly. Standardize and transform the data streams to send to webhook services for consumption by applications or even other Kafka topics.
Event streams use message publishing and subscribing where senders publish message streams (data items) in categories called Topics. These topics can then be subscribed to. Whenever a message is published, a subscriber immediately receives the message (a data item).
Each time a message is published, this is called an event. The stream of messages is then an event stream.

Apache Kafka vs. Azure Event Hubs

According to Microsoft, Kafka and Event Hubs are similar. In Azure, a Topic is called an Event Hub. but serves the same purpose. The key difference is that Kafka is a software that can be run wherever a user chooses, while Microsoft Event Hubs is a Cloud service. Consequently, in Xapix, you set up a Kafka Server while you set up an Event Hubs namespace within the Azure Event Hubs cloud.
The following table shows the naming difference.
Kafka Concept
Event Hubs Concept
Event Hub
Consumer Group
Consumer Group
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