Creating Kafka Event Streams

Learn how to create a new Kafka event stream for your project.

You create a new Apache Kafka event stream by providing the event stream's Topic, Consumer Group, Initial Position and Kafka Server. Afterwards you can then create a pipeline using relevant Connectors.

To add a Kafka event stream, follow these steps.

  1. In a project select Home.

  2. Click Kafka Event Stream.

  3. In the New Kafka Event Stream, enter the following:

    1. Topic: Name of category (feed) to which messages are published.

    2. Consumer Group: Which Consumer Group to which Xapix should be subscribed.

    3. Initial Position: Toggle between Earliest or Latest position for the initial offset of a Consumer.

    4. Kafka Server: To add a new Kafka Server, click the + sign or select a Kafka Server from the dropdown.For a new Kafka Server, add the following:

      1. Name: Name of server cluster on which Kafka is running.

      2. Boot Servers: List of Kafka server addresses, separated by commas.

      3. Save the new Kafka Server settings.

  4. Click Create Stream to create a new Kafka Event Stream.

  5. A new pipeline is created in the Pipeline dashboard.

After you have created the Kafka event stream, a basic pipeline appears with an Event unit. You can now build a pipeline as is done for REST endpoints.

Configuring Required Details about your Kafka Event Stream source
A new Event Stream pipeline. Unlike REST/SOAP pipelines, there is no Result unit.
Enter sample data into the Event Unit to define the expected schema of your events