REST/SOAP endpoints

Learn how to create REST and SOAP endpoints.

A project requires at least one endpoint. However, you can create as many endpoints in a project as required. A REST or SOAP endpoint consists of an HTTP method and a path to the resource.

Any created endpoint is reachable with or without a trailing slash. For example, if your published endpoint is .../foo, then it is also reachable by .../foo/.

HTTP methods

The following table describes the HTTP Methods supported by Xapix.




Request to retrieve data (resource).


Request to create a new resource using data provided in the body of the request.


Request to update (or completely replace) an existing resource using the data you want to change.


Request to modify an existing resource using the data you want to change.


Request to delete the resource.

Endpoint path

The following shows the structure of an endpoint path in Xapix.


Path element



Organization in which you created the project that contains the endpoint.


Project containing the endpoint.


Top level exposed resource.


Subsequent level exposed resource.


Path parameter within curly braces { }.