SOAP endpoints

Learn how to create SOAP endpoints for use in building pipelines.

When creating SOAP endpoints you also need to import SOAP data sources to generate a SOAP API.

If you have an existing SOAP API where Xapix is the client, then you need to onboard a SOAP data source using the Add Data Source functionality. See SOAP data sources.

Any created endpoint is also reachable with a trailing slash. For example, if your published endpoint is .../foo, then it is also reachable by .../foo/.

To add a SOAP endpoint, follow these steps.

  1. From within a project, select Home > SOAP Endpoint > Add new.

  2. In the New SOAP Endpoint dialog, enter an path and path parameters, if required.

  3. In the Import box that appears, drop or browse to a SOAP file to import the file to the project.

  4. The new SOAP endpoint appears in the list of SOAP endpoints in the Home menu and the Pipeline dashboard appears with Request and Endpoint units.

  5. Begin building the pipeline.

Creating a new SOAP endpoint
SOAP endpoint opened in Pipeline dashboard

You are now ready to start building a pipeline with your new SOAP endpoint.