SOAP endpoints

Learn how to create SOAP endpoints for use in building pipelines.

Each project require at least one endpoint, either SOAP or REST. However, within a project you are not limited to one SOAP endpoint. You can create as many as required to serve different purposes.

Any created endpoint is also reachable with a trailing slash. For example, if your published endpoint is .../foo, then it is also reachable by .../foo/.

Adding a SOAP endpoint

To add a SOAP endpoint, follow these steps.

  1. From within a project, select Home > SOAP Endpoint > Add new.

  2. In the New SOAP Endpoint dialog, enter an path, such as account_info/{id}.

  3. Import a SOAP file (<filename>.WSDL) using the Import box.

  4. The new SOAP endpoint is added to your project and appears under Home > SOAP Endpoints.

  5. Click the new SOAP endpoint to open it in the Pipeline dashboard.

Enter an Endpoint path and drop a .wsdl file to load it
New SOAP data source
New SOAP endpoint added to the Pipeline dashboard

You are now ready to start building a pipeline with your new SOAP endpoint.