Publish the project

After you have completed the pipeline, you are ready to publish the project to make the endpoint "publicly" available so it can be tested.

Preview the Endpoint

The Pipeline dashboard provides an endpoint preview showing the results of a request based on the transformations and orchestration done by the pipeline. It displays the structure and data types of the resultant endpoint.

The following shows a preview of the Endpoint full-car/{variant_id} where variant_id is set to QLM_KROSUS_4_DOORS_LIMO.

"body": {
"base_price_EUR": 23456.78,
"engine": {
"fuel_type": "Diesel",
"manufacturer": "Remedy Engines",
"power_hp": 180,
"price": 4800
"engine_type_id": 547290,
"extras": [
"fuel_consumption_lkm": 12.6,
"in_stock": true,
"model": {
"brand": "QLM",
"description": "Lore Ipsum donor set amet…",
"model": "Krosus"
"model_id": 947432,
"topspeed_kmh": 220,
"variant_id": "QLM_KROSUS_4_DOORS_LIMO"
"header": {}

Publish project

To make the endpoint available for testing, you need to publish the project.

Publish project
Publish project
  1. In the Publish Project pane, click Publish Project.

  2. If your project had no errors, a confirmation message appears: "The project has been successfully published".