Merge units

Learn how to combine data flows from sub-piplines into a single pipeline.

A Merge unit is used to consolidate parameters from two or more sources (including Transform units) into a single output. Once all previous requests have been resolved, the Merge unit merges the responses of all incoming input units.

Parameters in a unit connected following a Merge unit can then be edited as required.,

If a Decision unit is used in a pipeline, a Merge unit is often needed to consolidate the parameters from multiple branches of the pipeline. The consolidated output then becomes available for endpoints or other flow units in a pipeline.

Merge unit in pipeline
Merge unit in Mapping editor

To use a Merge unit in a pipeline, follow these steps.

  1. In the Pipeline dashboard, select Merge unit from the Library to add it to the pipeline.

  2. Connect two or more data sources or flow units such as a Transform units to the Merge unit.

  3. Drag a line from the Merge unit to another unit on the pipeline.

  4. Modify the parameters as required in the connected unit.

  5. Click Done to save your changes.