Merge units

Learn how to combine data flows from sub-piplines into a single pipeline.

Merge units allow you to consolidate parameters from two or more sources (including Transform units) into a single output.

If a Decision unit is used in a pipeline, you often need to include a Merge unit to consolidate the parameters from multiple branches of the pipeline. The consolidated output then becomes available for endpoints or other flow units in a pipeline.

The following screenshot shows a Merge unit used in a pipeline.

Pipeline with Merge unit connected to Endpoint

To use a Merge unit in a pipeline, follow these steps.

  1. In a pipeline, drag a line from a unit and drop it onto a connection indicator.

  2. From the Select unit to place pane, click Merge Unit to add it to the pipeline.

  3. Connect a data source (or Flow unit) to the Merge unit, passing over the connection indicator.

  4. Drag a line from the Merge unit to another unit on the pipeline (or Endpoint as in this example)

  5. Click Done to save your changes.

Merged data source and Transform unit
Merge unit added