Transform Units

Learn how to transform Connector outputs for use in pipelines.

A Transform unit is used to modify the output of a Connector by creating a new parameter structure and to map existing attributes to new parameters. It is often used to prepare output for a Merge unit.

To use a Transform unit, you first create a new property, which can be an object, an array or a literal, that matches the structure of the Connector. You then add attributes to the structure and then modify the value of each attribute using references, Axel-f functions and operators.

Transform unit in Mapping editor

You can add multiple Transform units to a pipeline.

To add a Transform unit, follow these steps.

  1. In the Pipeline dashboard, click Add Unit, then click Transform unit to add it to the pipeline.

  2. Drag a line from a unit to the new Transform unit.

  3. Click the Transform unit open the Mapping Editor.

  4. Click New Property and give it a name. Choose either Object, Array or Literal, then click Create. Add additional properties as needed.

  5. Drag and drop attributes from the source Connector to new properties you added to the Transform unit.

  6. Modify the values of the parameters as required. See Creating Properties.

  7. Click Done to save your changes.