Mapping Dashboard
Once units are connected on the Pipeline dashboard, you create data mappings using the Mapping dashboard to facilitate data transformations between Connectors and destinations.
The Mapping dashboard is accessed by clicking on a unit in a pipeline.
Mapping dashboard
You create mappings by building properties that can be either objects, arrays or literals. The values of these properties are obtained using formulas that can consist of Axel-f functions, references and/or operators.
The name of a parameter can be edited only under certain situations. You don't normally need to change the parameter name. You can modify the value of the parameter by using formulas.
As with most tasks in Xapix, mapping is done using drag and drop. Simply drag an attribute from the source unit to the target unit. A valid location in the target is highlighted to show where to drop the attribute.
By hovering over the value of a parameter, a summary of the source for the value is shown as well as access to the Formula editor.
Mapping dashboard
Clicking Edit Formula opens the Formula editor. In the Formula editor you generate a value for the parameter. You can create very basic to quite complex formulas in the Formula editor using combinations of references, Axel-f functions and operators.
Formula editor
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