User Profiles

Learn how to change the email address, name and password of a user's profile.

When you create a Xapix account, you are provided with a user profile. The User Profile page containts the account's API Access Token, the account's user information and an option to delete the account. On this page, the email address and password accociated with the account can be changed. The name of the account can also be changed.

You can customize the user icon in the top right corner by creating a "Gravatar" at

To update a user profile, follow these steps.

  1. Click the User profile icon (upper right corner).

  2. Click Edit Profile.

  3. Change the following, if required:

    • Email address

    • Account name

    • Password - if you don't want to change it, leave the fields blank

  4. Click Update.

  5. Dismiss the confirmation message.

Email and account name (hidden) on User Profile page