Creating a Seller Account

Details on how to create a Xapix user account
Looking for the login page? You can find it here
In order to connect ecommerce stores to Xapix for generating brand performance insights, sellers need to create a Xapix user account:
1. Navigate to the relevant sign-up page
  • if you plan to share insights with a third party (such as an ecommerce aggregator or agency), they will share a specific invite link with you so that brand insights are automatically shared with them. The ecommerce partner company name will be included on the sign-up page (Acme Corporation in the example screenshot below)
  • to sign-up directly to Xapix, visit the Xapix sign-up page here
Seller Sign-Up Page Accessed via Acme Corporation Invite Link

2. Enter the required details

  • E-mail: this acts as the Xapix account username for logging into the platform
  • Company name: this should reflect the name of the specific ecommerce store you will be connecting and will be used as the seller name in reports and visualizations generated by Xapix
  • Password: create and confirm a strong password for your account
  • Accept Terms & Conditions: please read and agree to the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Terms of Conditions in order to complete the account creation process

3. Enter the Settings page and onboarding guide

You will now automatically enter the Settings page and onboarding process.
The settings page guides you through the required onboarding steps.
Click on the relevant links below for more details on each:

4. What if I already created a user account for a different seller/store?

  • If you already connected one store to Xapix but would like to connect a second, separate store, then please create a second user account with a unique email address as the username.
  • To do this, you can either use a different email address for each account, or add a suffix to your existing email address if your email provider supports that.
More Details on using email suffixes:
Adding an email suffix is supported by most email provider such as gmail, please check with your specific provider if you are unsure.
It enables you to continue using your existing email address in the sign-up process of a second account by adding a plus sign (+) and any word before the @ sign in your current address.
For example, changing [email protected] to [email protected] will result in [email protected] being your account username, but emails still going to your [email protected] inbox.

5. What if I forgot my login password?

No problem, simply navigate to the login page and click on Forgot your password?, after which you will be asked to define a new password.