Amazon Profit & Loss
Seller account Profit and Loss Statement for Amazon FBA Activities
Below you will find an overview of the Profit and Loss line items displayed in the Profit & Loss Statement section of the Xapix Seller Reporting app.
For each financial event listed below, there can be multiple sub-events that are tracked separately, such as adjustments to the original amount, reversals or withholdings (chargebacks) by Amazon.
P&L Line Item
Financial Events Included
Full Price Fulfilled Product Sales
Item Sales
Gross Sales, based on the full price of all items sold and which have been charged in the seller central account (does not include transactions cancelled before being charged).
Cash on Demand Sales
For some marketplaces where Cash on Demand is an option, these are accounted for separately.
Product Discounts
Product Promotions & Discounts
If sellers have granted discounts to buyers, they are accounted for here
Shipping Discounts
Shipping cost discounts granted to buyers are accounted for here
Amazon Point Payment Discounts
In marketplaces that accept Amazon Point payments, these are accounted for as discounts here.
Fulfilled Product Sales
Line-Item Calculation: Full Price Fulfilled Product Sales, Product Discounts
Fulfilled Product Sales are calculated by subtracting the Product Discounts from the Full Price Fulfilled Product Sales line-items.
Fulfilled Shipping Revenue
Shipping Costs
Shipping costs paid for by buyers.
Cash on Demand Shipping Cost
For some marketplaces where Cash on Demand is an option, these shipping costs accounted for separately.
Other Income
Giftwrap Costs
Buyer costs related to wrapping articles as a gift.
Failed Disbursement
If Amazon was not able to pay out a credit to the seller, it is accounted for here.
Disbursement Correction
When Amazon has to correct a disbursement payment.
ChargeBack Recovery
Tax Certification Adjustment
Buyer Recharge
Free Replacement Costs
Total Shipped Sales
Line-Item Calculation: Fulfilled Product Sales, Fulfilled Shipping Revenue, Other Income
Product Returns
Refund Amount
The amount that Amazon will deduct from the seller account and credit to the buyer
A-Z Warranty Case Refund
If an A-Z warranty case is decided in the sellers favor, the seller will receive a credit from Amazon.
Goodwill Adjustment
When Amazon decides a refund can be issued without returning an item.
Restocking Fee
Fee for restocking items returned by buyers.
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