Product Roadmap

At Xapix, we strive to provide the simplest possible route to solving complex data integration and orchestration challenges. User feedback is crucial to shaping our product roadmap and we would love to collaborate on this with you in our Discord Community Channel.

Current Priorities

Here are the Top 3 areas we are currently working on:

  1. Services Catalogue: from sending an SMS via Twilio to pushing data into a PostgreSQL database, we aim to expand on our existing capabilities by providing a catalogue of commonly-used services that can be integrated within seconds. We are also currently researching and testing the use of machine learning algorithms as services within Xapix pipelines.

  2. Event Streaming Features: from providing SQL-like Stream Processing capabilities within our UI, to new streaming protocol integrations, we want to make the emerging and complex event streaming and IoT world simple for users and are working on numerous new features in this area.

  3. Developer Experience: from versioning and error handling, to advanced API publishing options and the deployment of Lambda functions, there is always more to release here as we learn from our users!


Got a feature request in mind? Feedback to share? Contact us at or in our Discord Community Channel.