Selecting a rate limit store

Rate Limit Stores are caches used to store data to improve API call performance. They must first be defined in Cache Connections before they become available for selection in the Settings section of the the API Publishing page. Currently, caches can be either Redis or Memcached.

Before you can enable rate limiting, a caching server needs to be connected to the project. If no caching server has been selected, an error will appear.

You define the cache servers, either Memcached or Redis, on the Cache Connections page.

  1. Ensure you have defined cache connections. If not, select Cache Connections from the Home menu and follow the procedure to add a new cache connection.

  2. From the Home menu, select API Publishing.

  3. In the Settings section, select a defined server connection from the dropdown menu.

  4. Click Update rate limit store.

  5. The error message "Rate Limits are currently not enfored" will disappear. Rate limits are now be enabled on endpoints in the project.

Selecting a Rate Limit Store