Debugging dashboard
Learn how you can debug errors in an endpoint
If you are receiving errors on an endpoint request, you can use the Debug Dashboard to dig into the problem. You need to use the correlation id which can be found as X-Correlation-Id in the request header.

Using the Debugging dashboard

To obtain the correlation id, add -v to a curl command. For example:
--header 'Content-Type: application/json'
--request GET '' -v
Make sure you have published your project. Then copy the cURL command from an endpoint's Pipeline dashboard.
Run the command adding the flag -v.
Running a cURL command using the -v flag
Search the results for the X-Correlation-ID and copy the id number.
Copy the X-Correlation-id
Enter the X-Correlation-id in the Request Information page after clicking Debug from the Home menu, then click the Search icon.
Enter the X-Correlation-id in the Request Information page
The Request Information page displays the data flow of the pipeline.
Use the Search function to search for an error message or any element. You can refine your search to only Important only or All.
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