Debugging dashboard

Learn how you can debug errors in an endpoint

If you are receiving errors on an endpoint request, you can use the Debug Dashboard to dig into the problem. You need to use the correlation id which can be found as X-Correlation-Id in the request header.

Correlation id

To obtain the correlation id, add -v to a curl command. For example:

--header 'Content-Type: application/json'
--request GET '' -v
  1. Make sure your project is published.

  2. Copy the cURL command from the Publish Project pane on the Pipeline Dashboard.

  3. Run the command in a terminal but add -v to the command.

  4. In the results, search for X-Correlation-ID and copy the id number.

Run cURL command in a terminal
Results with correlation-id highlighted

Using the correlation id to request information

To view request information for each system used by running the cURL command, do the following:

  1. From the Home menu, click Debug.

  2. On the Get Request Information window, paste the correlation-id number into the field, then click the Search icon.

  3. All the systems used by the request/response are displayed.

  4. You can then drill down and inspect each request by clicking the Inspect button next to each section.

First Tab
First Tab
Click Inspect to view request information using a correlation id