User Management

User Management is used controls who can access the publicly available APIs of a project. On this page you invite users to access the APIs and apply access roles to these users. The access roles are defined on the API Publishing page.

Enabling User Management

To make the the User Management page become visible on the menu, API Publishing needs to be enabled. This is done on the API Publishing page.

Before you can invite users, you need to publish the project. See Publishing projects for details. An error will appear if the project is not published first.

Error message appears if the project is not published

Inviting users to a project

Once a project has been published, users can be invited to access the publicly available API endpoints in the project based on the access role assigned.

  1. From the Home menu, select User Management.

  2. From the Docs Project Users page, click Invite API User.

  3. In the Invite to Project page, enter the following:

    1. A valid email address of the user.

    2. User name

    3. Company name

  4. Select an access role for the user.

  5. Click Invite API User.

  6. After a successful invite, the Docs Project Users page opens.

Invite to project page
List of project users

Viewing client credentials

Xapix uses OAuth2 to authorize public API consumers to authenticate against the project's publicly available API.

When a user is invited to a published project, Xapix automatically generates client credentials for the new user of the project. A Client ID and a Client Secret is generated to obtain a short-lived access key to access the API.