Add a data source

Your project needs at least one data source. To create a data source, we will use an OpenAPI 2.0 Swagger file provided for this tutorial.

Importing the OpenAPI 2.0 Swagger file

The first step to create a data source is to import the Swagger file, as shown in the example below.

Click to import a data source
Drag or browse to an OpenAPI 2.0 file
Successfully imported a data source




Click vehicle_demo_swagger.yaml to download and save the file. (You may need to right-click and Save Link as...)


Click Create a new Data Source from the Project dashboard.


In the Data Sources pane, drop or browse to the file you just downloaded and import the file into your project.


After Xapix validates the schema file and no validation errors were identified, you should see the message "Schema was successfully imported".

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Next step

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