Onboard a REST data source

Data sources are key to building a project. In Xapix, you onboard REST and SOAP data sources using the following methods:

  • OpenAPI 2.0 schema file


  • Xapix internal API

  • HTTP method and address

In this tutorial, we import an OpenAPI 2.0 Swagger file provided for this tutorial to onboard data sources.

REST OpenAPI 2.0 Swagger file

Xapix has provided a demo file for use with this tutorial. Begin by downloading the following swagger file to a local drive, then continue with the next steps:

Importing the OpenAPI 2.0 Swagger file

The first step to onboarding a data source in this tutorial is to import the Swagger file you saved to a local drive in the previous step.

Click Create a Data Source
Click to browse to OpenAPI 2.0 file
Import successul




Click Create a new Data Source from the Project dashboard.


In the Data Sources page, click the Import icon and browse to the swagger file you downloaded in the previous step. Then import the file into your project.


Xapix validates the schema file and if no validation errors were identified, you should see the message "Schema was successfully imported".


Click View imported Data Sources to open the Available Data Sources page.

Next step
Next step

To continue, see View data sources.