New Features

  • New Insights dashboard: See at a glance how your APIs are performing, identify bottlenecks and operational issues.

  • New Debug dashboard: Allows you to inspect all the details about a request by entering its correlation ID. This includes details on all sub-requests and how data was transformed and helps identifying issues when data sources return unexpected results or issues in transformation formulas.

    • Technical notes: we are now using two new indices in elasticsearch, fb-analytics-* for insights (only stores analytical data) and fb-logs-* for debug logs (which can then include personal / secret information). The previously used xapix-* indices can be removed.

    • Please note that fb-logs-* indices created by v0.9.1 and v0.9.2 are incompatible. You can remove any existing indices through Kibana or with curl -XDELETE "http://$ELASTIC_SEARCH_HOST:9200/fb-logs-*" after upgrading.

  • Debug mode when making a request: You can add the query parameter xapix-debug=1 to directly get all the details in case a request is failing. This only works with API keys issued through Phoenix. In any other cases, use the correlation ID in the debug dashboard.

Other changes

  • Improved auto-completion and handling of errors in formulas.

  • Easier onboarding of Kafka / Azure Event Hub streams: simply provide a data sample in the Event unit instead of manually defining the expected data structure there.

  • When importing swagger files, we now provide more details in case they couldn't be processed (completely).

  • Editing a SOAP endpoint will now reprocess the uploaded WSDL file and update the generated endpoints to match the new details.

  • Fixed an error that prevented header parameters from being returned in our responses.

  • Fixed an error that prevented units from being added to Kafka / Azure Event Hub streams.