New Features

    New design that aims to help focus on a single task with a streamlined and consistent experience.
    Added support to control the data flow of pipelines via Decision and Merge units. It's available with the "decision_unit" feature flag. Once enabled, those units can be added to pipelines. The Decision unit allows branches to be created to control the data flow based on formulas. The Merge unit (optional) combines the branches again.
    Added Transform units which allow to apply data transformations. The result can then be used as input for other units. They are useful as part of a branch of a Decision unit to compute or normalize data before merging the data flow again.
    Added caching support for SOAP and REST data sources. It's available with the "caches" feature flag. Once enabled, new cache backends (Memcached or Redis) can be added via the "Cache connections" entry on the sidebar. Data sources can then be configured to use a cache connection and the TTL (time to live) for the cached data.
    Added support for OAuth2 password and client credentials flows
    Added support for cookies for data sources / cookie authentication scheme
    Added ability to control which response codes are acceptable for a data source

Other changes

    Improved the insights dashboard so you can better understand the performance overall and in comparison to each data source.
    Resolved an issue which prevented projects from being deleted
    Dropped support for the xapix-debug query parameter, please use the debugging dashboard with the correlation id returned by the request instead
Last modified 1yr ago
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