New Features

    You can now share data sources, cache connections and proxies across projects within your organization
      To share an existing resource from your project, navigate to the Data Sources / Cache Connections / Proxies list screen, open the drop-down menu for the resource you'd like to share and select the option to make it available within your organization.
      If a project within your organization is sharing some resources, you'll see those listed alongside your own resources. Shared resources also indicate which project published them, so you can be sure to select the correct one.
      Once a resource is shared, it can only be unshared if it's not being used by any other project. You can see the list of projects which use your shared resource in the drop-down menu on the listing screen.
    You can now export and import a project
      To export a project, navigate to the Overview screen and open the drop-down menu on the project you'd like to export and click on "Export Project"
      To import a project into another organization or move it to another environment, navigate again to the Overview screen and click the Import icon besides the organization.
      Known issue: it is possible to have a project which is not completely valid, for instance by adding a data source with an auth scheme to your pipeline and then changing the auth scheme on the data source. The pipeline will still be configured with the old auth scheme, even though the auth scheme changed and the pipeline needs to be adjusted. The import validates this and will show an error in such cases.

Other changes

    Pipeline units can now be renamed
    Improved onboarding of data sources: the preview is now shown on the data source edit screen
    New layout for Organization and Project Overview
    The sidebar now indicates the selected page with bold and black text
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