New Features

    Insights are now available for Kafka and EventHub event streams.
    For Kafka and EventHub event streams, we now show the status. In case of connectivity issues, we also provide more details. Further, you can now temporarily disable processing of event streams.
    For Kafka event streams you can now specify the initial position for new streams.
    Drag and drop of nested attributes in the mapping screen is now available. Further, in case a formula returns a nested object, the nested attributes can now easily be used in followup units.
    For system operators, we now provide a simple Operations dashboard which visualises clojud's operational metrics. All those metrics are also published to prometheus, it's just another way to inspect what's going on in your system. To access it, lookup the clojud's pod's IP (POD_IP) and then point your browser to http://$POD_IP:4000/ops.

Other changes

    Several smaller UI improvements
    Pipelines no longer have a maximum length - but we'd still recommend to keep them short
Last modified 1yr ago
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