New Features

Major updates

    URLs with a trailing slash (like https://api.xapix.dev/xapix/project/test/) are now equivalent to their counter parts without a trailing slash (https://api.xapix.dev/xapix/project/test), after publishing your project with this version.
    The Insights dashboard for an endpoint now presents you a list of the last (failed) requests or events for further inspection in the debug dashboard.
    It's now possible to handle data sources which return HTML or have endpoints produce HTML. See Content-Type based encoding/decoding for more details.
    In Preview: Easily integrate arbitrary data sources via External Executors. See External data sources (preview) for more details.
    New Axel-F functions for handling Json Web Tokens (JWT): JWT.VERIFY, JWT.SIGN, JWT.EXTRACT

Other changes

    Improved Swagger import to support array of literals in the body.
    Improved connection visualization and the performance of our mapping dashboard.
    Various UI and UX improvements.
Last modified 11mo ago
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