New Features

Major updates

  • URLs with a trailing slash (like https://api.xapix.dev/xapix/project/test/) are now equivalent to their counter parts without a trailing slash (https://api.xapix.dev/xapix/project/test), after publishing your project with this version.

  • The Insights dashboard for an endpoint now presents you a list of the last (failed) requests or events for further inspection in the debug dashboard.

  • It's now possible to handle data sources which return HTML or have endpoints produce HTML. See Content-Type based encoding/decoding for more details.

  • In Preview: Easily integrate arbitrary data sources via External Executors. See External data sources (preview) for more details.

  • New Axel-F functions for handling Json Web Tokens (JWT): JWT.VERIFY, JWT.SIGN, JWT.EXTRACT‚Äč

Other changes

  • Improved Swagger import to support array of literals in the body.

  • Improved connection visualization and the performance of our mapping dashboard.

  • Various UI and UX improvements.