New features

Major changes

    Introducing an API and command line utility to programmatically interact with Xapix. See xapix-cli-xapixctl.
    Added the ability to define check-pipelines which runs on incoming requests before the main pipeline is executed. This can be used to implement custom authentication mechanisms or perform other security checks before allowing the request to proceed. See check-pipelines.
    If a project uses Xapix API management, it will be transitioned to using project specific crypto keys when published.
    A new unit library on the pipeline dashboard makes adding new units more intuitive.
    Multiple secure stores holding different sets of credentials can now be added to a pipeline.
    New auth credential type for storing public/private key combinations used for asymmetric encryption.
    HTTP endpoints now support setting the HTTP response code.
    When onboarding new data sources via schema import, it's now possible to specify a URL instead of uploading a local file.
    The API access roles created on projects by default can now be removed.
    In case a SOAP data source returns a SOAP Fault, the response is now identified as an error response.
Last modified 11mo ago
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