New features

Data Sources Renamed to Connectors

    As the capabilities of Data Sources have expanded beyond being just a source of data in a Xapix pipeline, we have renamed them to Connectors.
    We have also made a minor change to the Edit Connectors page, where you can now collapse the Preview to enable more space for particularly complex configurations.
    Furthermore, it is now also possible to create Proxy Credentials within the Edit Connectors page, which was previously only possible in the separate Authentication Credentials page.
Azure Event Hub Producer
    We have released our first Event Producer, namely the Azure Event Hub Event Producer. It is available upon request, contact us at [email protected] for more details. Event Producers allow you to stream event data from Xapix pipelines into real-time data ingestion services. For details on the Azure Event Hub Event Producer, see here

Last modified 10mo ago
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New features