New features

REST Connector Creation via cURL Command

REST API Connectors can now be onboarded via a cURL command. More details are available here.

Enhanced Connector Authentication Settings

You can now create, assign and edit API Authentication Schemes and Credentials directly within the Edit Connector settings. Previously this was only possible in the separate Authentication Scheme and Authentication Credentials sections of Xapix.

Connectors Overview: Searchable & Sorted by Import

Improvements have been made to the Connectors page to help users who have onboarded multiple Connectors.
    The list of existing Connectors is now searchable
    Incomplete Connectors and Connectors shared from other projects are listed at the top
    Connectors that were imported via one schema (e.g. via a Swagger Import) are grouped together and sorted by date
    Validation and/or import issues are flagged

Amazon Kinesis and Apache Kafka Event Producers

Following the release of our first Event Producer in December for Azure Event Hubs, we have now added Event Producers for Amazon Kinesis Streams and Apache Kafka. Event Producers allow you to stream event data from Xapix pipelines into real-time data ingestion services. Details are available here.
Last modified 9mo ago