New features

Connector & Endpoint Duplication

You can now duplicate Connectors and REST/SOAP Endpoints to help save time when creating multiple similar such resources.

Connector Onboarding

  • The user experience for onboarding REST/SOAP Connectors has been overhauled, giving users the ability to get started with the onboarding directly on the Connectors pages, with a clearer options overview and reducing the amount of steps needed to complete the configuration

  • ‚ÄčAuthentication Credentials created for previewing a REST/SOAP Connector are now saved for future use. Previously they were only used for previewing within the Edit Connector page

Services Catalogue

  • Slack has been added as a default option in the Services Catalogue, making it easier than ever to add Slack messaging as a unit to your Xapix pipeline

  • Services can now be created based on existing pipelines

The Services Catalogue and "Create Your Own Service" feature is available upon request, please get in touch at [email protected] to discuss.