New features

Decision Unit: Otherwise Branch

Every Decision Unit now comes with a default otherwise branch when added to a pipeline.
    Similar to an "else clause" in programming languages, it allows you to define an action to take when none of the conditions in the other Decision Unit branches are met
    Any existing pipelines that include a Decision Unit will now also contain an empty otherwise branch. It will not impact the existing pipeline unless you define an action for the otherwise branch and re-publish the pipeline

Create/Edit Connector: Status & Next Steps

The Create/Edit Connector page has been enhanced:
    There is now a Status module at the top of the Edit Connector page, which advises you on the current state of the Connector, for example on whether it is ready to use or requires further changes
    The module also suggests Next Steps, such as adding the Connector to an existing Endpoint
    Connectors are auto-saved constantly now as changes are made, as also shown in the Status module
    Fetch Preview and Confirm Preview buttons have been moved to the right hand-side above the response that is received from the Preview, allowing for a smoother testing process between the next steps suggestions and response preview

Axel-F Functions: Regular Expression Modifiers

We now support regular expression modifiers in transformations and other formulae.
There is a new REGEX(string, [modifier]) function which compiles string into a regexp. Modifiers are optional. Supported modifiers are:
    “i” Makes the expression search case-insensitively.
    “s” dot all. Makes the wild character . match newlines as well.
    “m” Makes the boundary characters ^ and $ match the beginning and ending of every single line instead of the beginning and ending of the whole string.
Combination of modifiers is supported via concatenation of characters, like “si”. REGEXEXTRACT, REGEXMATCH, REGEXREPLACE now accept either a string as before or a compiled regex.

Xapix CLI: Directory Sync Option

The Xapix command line interface (xapixctl) now includes a new sync command which enables various options for synchronizing resources between different directories.
    sync to-dir will export all resources of a given project to a directory and remove any additional resources from the directory
    sync from-dir will import all resources into the given project from the directory and remove any additional resources which are not present in the directory
    exclude flags have been added to allow for the exclusion or inclusion of credentials as well as the exclusion of any other resource types from the synchronization
Last modified 6mo ago