Connecting securely to applications that are hosted in protected networks and on-premise environments.
The Xapix Ambassador is available upon request, contact us at [email protected] for more information.
The Xapix Ambassador is a component that you can install and run locally to enable secure communication between Xapix and APIs/services hosted in protected networks. The communication is achieved via a secure WebSocket connection (more details on the WebSocket Protocol can be found here).
Once the WebSocket connection is established, you can configure Connectors to the protected APIs/Services and add them to a Xapix pipeline in the same way that you would for publicly available APIs/Services.

Architecture Diagram

The following flow diagram shows how the Xapix Ambassador sits within a local network (On-Premise / Protected Network) , establishing a websocket connection and access to the protected APIs/Services that you may wish to use within your Xapix project.

Implementation Flow

Below is the typical flow for implementing a Xapix Ambassador. Implementations may vary depending on the local setup (step 3) and should therefore be discussed in more detail separately. Please contact us at [email protected] to do so.
1.Once the Ambassador feature is enabled for your account, it will show up as an additional Resource that can be configured by selecting New Ambassador.
2.Next, a Connection URL will be automatically generated in line with the Secure WebSocket protocol wss://
3.The Connection URL now needs to run as a program in the relevant network containing the APIs/Services you would like to connect to Xapix. Typically this is done via a Docker container.
4.Once the connection is established, Connectors can be configured for accessing APIs within the secure network. On the Edit Connector page, make sure you select the relevant Ambassador in the dropdown menu as shown below.
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