Authentication is used to verify the identity of the client (user) attempting to access a resource on a host. Xapix uses a two-step method for authentication:

These schemes/credentials are used when setting up a Connector in the Edit Connector page.

By applying an authentication scheme to a Connector, Xapix expects a defined credentials for the scheme. For example, when an API Token authentication scheme is selected, Xapix expects a token credential. This allows Xapix to know where the credentials are located when this Connector is added to the pipeline.

  • If the authentication credentials are sourced from the system, then Xapix adds them to the secure store and connects that to the Connector.

  • If the authentication credentials sourced by the user in the request, then Xapix connects the Connector to the request.

  • If neither of the above sources are provided, then the authentication credentials need to be manually set up.