API Token Scheme

Authentication Schemes and Credentials can be created, edit and applied directly within the relevant Edit Connector page under Enable Authentication.

An API Token scheme uses a uniquely generated value that is known to the system to identify a user attempting to access the system. The API key sent either in the header or query authenticates a user and allows the request to the system.

It is a widely used method that provides a reasonably good security for accessing REST APIs. Parameter types for an API Token scheme can be defined for use in custom headers or in query strings.

To use the API Token scheme, you need to set a Token credential that is applied to the scheme when setting up a Connector‚Äč

To create an API token scheme, follow these steps.

  1. In a project, select Home > Auth. Scheme. Alternatively, to edit directly within a specific Connector configuration, go to Connectors > Edit Connector > Enable Authentication.

  2. Select API Token.

  3. In the Create new Authentication Scheme page, enter the following:

    1. A descriptive name for the scheme to be used to identify it when editing a data source.

    2. Select a parameter type (header or query).

    3. Enter the parameter name.

  4. Click Create.

  5. The new scheme appears in the list of authentication schemes.

  6. Dismiss the confirmation dialog.