Setting data source timeouts

To prevent Xapix from continuously requesting access to a data source, a timeout can be set that returns a timeout error if the data source does not respond within the set duration.

When setting Data Source Timeout, ensure that the timeout for the data source does not exceed the pipeline timeout that was set during Xapix installation. The default timeout for Xapx Cloud is 60 seconds.

HTTP Gateway Timeout: On a Xapix cloud instance, timeout is 1 minute for entire pipeline, including all data sources. Error is returned and pipeline aborted after timeout.

To set a data source timeout, follow these steps.

  1. In the Edit Data Source form, expand Enable Authentication, Caching, Proxy, Insecure Access.

  2. In the Data Source Timeout field, enter values, or use the scrollwheel to select a value.

  3. Click Preview Data Source (optional).

  4. Click Save Data Source.

Setting data source timeout