Onboarding SOAP data sources

Learn how to onboard a SOAP data source.

For onboarding SOAP data sources, you import WSDL files in to your project.

If authentication is required, you can use on of the following authentication schemes:

  • API Token authentication

  • Bearer Token authentication

  • Basic HTTP Authentication

  • Cookie Authentication

  • QAuth2 Authentication

Once you have onboarded a data source, you edit the data source by setting up parameters, authentication, caching, proxies and more.

To onboard a SOAP data source, follow these steps.

  1. In a project, select Home > Data Sources.

  2. If your project does not have any data sources, click Create a new Data Source. Otherwise, Click Add Data Source

  3. Set the data source slider to SOAP.

  4. Drop or import a WSDL file into the Data Sources dialog. Alternately, click the icon to browse to the file to import the file.

  5. If successful, Xapix will display the message, "Schema was successfully imported".

  6. From the Home menu, click Data Sources. You should now see a list of data sources that have been read from the imported schema.

Successfully imported SOAP data source
SOAP data source in list of Available Data Sources