The Services Dashboard is available upon request, contact us at for more information.

Services are pre-configured Connectors to common third party systems that can be added to pipelines through the Add Units dialog. New Services are added continually as this new feature scales up.

For each Service in the catalogue, all the requirements of onboarding and setting up these Services have been preconfigured. You need only provide authentication and enter a few settings. Then, these Services become available for use in the project.

Available Services

Setting up a Service

Each Service has different requirements. Generally, however, you need to provide to the Service authorization credentials. These may be Token Credentials such as for the OpenWeather Service or a Username/Password Credential for Twilio.

Setting up a service

Once you have set up and created a Service, it appears on the Active Services page. This active service is now ready to be used in a pipeline.

Active Services page

Using a Service in a Pipeline

In a Pipeline you add a Service through the Add Unit dialog. Clicking the service adds it to the pipeline, then you connect it to other units and use mapping like any other data unit on the Pipeline dashboard.

Adding a service to a pipeline using the Add Unit dialog

Additional services can be requested. Click the Request Service button on the Available or Active Services page.