Inviting members

Organizations can have several members with each having different assigned roles. All members that are part of an organization have access to all projects within that organization. At least one member is normally the owner of the organization. Additional members can be invited to an organization.

Inviting a member

Only members who are owners or admins of an organization can invite additional members.

To invite a member to an organization, follow these steps.

  1. From a project page, click the See Available Projects button. This opens a menu showing all organizations and projects that you can access.

  2. Select Overview to open the Organization Overview page.

  3. From an organization, click Members.

  4. On the Current Members page, click Invite Member.

  5. In the Invite to <organization name>, enter an email address and select a role (Admin, Collaborator, Reader).

  6. Click Invite User.

  7. An email will be sent to the invited member to accept.

Click to invite a member to the organization
Enter email and select role

Change a member's user role

You can change the role of a member (Admin, Collaborator, Reader).

  1. On the Current Members page, click the Gear icon on the row of a member.

  2. Select a new role for the member.

  3. Click Update.

Remove a member from an organization

You can delete a member from an organization.

  1. On the Current Members page, click the Delete Member icon on the row of a member.

  2. Confirm the deletion.