Creating projects

Projects are created only within an organization. A new project inherits the members and access rights of the organization.

If you want specific members to have access to a project, consider creating a new organization first, then add members to the organization. Afterwards, create the project.

Options for creating projects

Options for creating projects

To create a project, follow these steps.

  1. Switch to an Organization Overview page.

  2. Click Create Project, which expands to show a set of options.

    1. Blank Project: Create an entirely new project.

    2. Import: Use a project previously exported to file. See Importing projects.

    3. Sample Projects: Use as a starting point: Combining Data and Privacy Check.

Creating a blank project

To create an entirely new project, follow these steps.

Blank Project
Blank Project
  1. Click Create Project to expand the options, then click Blank Project.

  2. On the Create New Project page, enter the following:

    • Name: This unique name will be part of the URL to the project. Xapix will prevent you from naming the project with an existing project of the same name.

    • Readme: Add a description to allow users to understand the purpose or use of the project. A formatting toolbar is available.

  3. Click Create.

  4. The Project Dashboard appears with the new project. .

Provide a name and a Readme for the new project

When you provide a unique name for a project, Xapix uses this name to create a slug used in the project URL. Ensure you correctly name a project because once created, the slug cannot be changed.

Importing a project

To import a project, follow these steps.

  1. Click Create Project to expand the options, then click Import.

  2. Locate an exported project file (a YAML file) and open it.

  3. If the import was successful, dismiss the dialog.

  4. The Project Dashboard appears with the imported project.