Publishing Projects
Once you have created a pipeline containing connectors and mappings, you can move on to publishing your project via the green Publish button visible on any page of your Project.
For REST/SOAP Endpoint pipelines, publishing means that you can start executing API Requests to the Endpoint shown in the mapping dashboard, e.g. by using the curl command in your terminal. For Streaming and Scheduler pipelines, publishing means that requests should start flowing through the pipeline as configured.
When publishing a project, you do not need to worry about interrupting any current usage of your pipelines / endpoints. Anything that is still being processed by a previous version will continue being processed by that previous version.
REST Endpoint Example:
From the Pipeline dashboard, click Publish Project. This makes the endpoints in the project available to all API users. Before we can test the project, we need to publish it.
Click the Publish button to publish the project.
The curl command can now be tested in your terminal.
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