Add data sources to pipeline

Before beginning this section, ensure that you have onboarded the required data sources. They are the same data sources used in the Xapix Quickstart. Alternately, they can be obtained from the following demo YAML file.

Now that we have set a data sample value for the Request unit, let's add some data sources to the pipeline. When we imported the demo YAML file, Xapix onboarded four data sources. From these, let's add the following data sources to the pipeline:

  • findVariantById

  • findEngineById

  • findModelById

On the Pipeline dashboard, click Add unit to open a library of available units for the pipeline.

Add units to the pipeline

Click findVariantById to add it to the pipeline dashboard. Then continue with the next two data sources by clicking Add Unit each time, adding first findEngineById and then findModelById.

Units added to Pipeline dashboard

Note: If you made a mistake and want to delete a unit, just click the unit to open the Mapping editor. Click ... next to unit name to open a menu. Then in the list of options click Remove Unit from Pipeline.

Now, we need to connect the units.

  • Drag a line from the Request unit to the findVariantById unit. You do this by clicking and dragging from the Request unit to a target unit, in this case the findVariantById unit.

  • Next, drag a line from findVariantById to findEngineById.

  • Finally, drag a line from findVariantById to findModelById.

The Pipeline dashboard should now look like the following.

Units connected
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