Create a REST Endpoint

Let's create a REST endpoint using the same project as the Xapix Quickstart or create a new project. If you need some assistance, see Create a new project in the Xapix Quickstart to show you how to create a project.

In this example, we created a new project called Pipeline Tutorial. It is in the same default organization.

Now, let's create a REST endpoint using the following information:



HTTP Method


Endpoint path


Note that {variant_id} is enclosed in curly braces. This indicates it is a placeholder for a path parameter named variant_id. The full path for the endpoint will be:<org>/<project>/pipelines/get-full-car-variant_id

Click REST Endpoint on the Project dashboard. In New REST Endpoint, select the HTTP Method and enter the path address as shown in the above table.

Create new REST endpoint

Click Create Endpoint. The Pipeline dashboard appears with the new endpoint.

Next Step
Next Step

To continue, see Set request data values.