Preview the Endpoint

We can now preview the response to a request to the endpoint full-car/{variant_id}. Recall that we set the value of the Request variant_id to the following


The Pipeline dashboard provides a preview that shows the results of the sample request based on the transformations and orchestration done by the pipeline. Recall that we have a body object that contains a model and engine object, an extras array and several strings, numbers and Boolean elements.

The following shows the response to the sample request set in the Request unit. An actual request to this endpoint may have other values with a different response.

"body": {
"model": {
"brand": "QLM",
"description": "Lore Ipsum donor set amet…",
"model": "Krosus"
"extras": [
"fuel_consumption_lkm": 12.6,
"variant_id": "QLM_KROSUS_4_DOORS_LIMO",
"base_price_EUR": 23456.78,
"engine": {
"fuel_type": "Diesel",
"manufacturer": "Remedy Engines",
"power_hp": 180,
"price": 4800
"topspeed_kmh": 220,
"model_id": 947432,
"engine_type_id": 547290,
"in_stock": true
"status": 200,
"headers": {
"Content-Type": "application/json"
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