Set Request Data Value

Now that we have created a REST endpoint and have our pipeline, let's start by setting a value to the path parameter we created for the endpoint. Recall that the path we created is as follows:


This means we need to provide a value to {variant_id} and we do that in a Xapix feature called the Mapping editor. This is accessed by clicking the Request unit on the Pipeline. In fact, clicking on any unit on a pipeline opens the Mapping editor.

So, let's go ahead and click the Request unit to open the Mapping editor.

Mapping editor for the Request unit

Now, we want to provide a value to variant_id. Click Set data sample to open the Formula editor.

In the Formula editor, enter the following exactly as shown, including the quotes to make it a string:

Provide a data sample in the Formula editor

Click Save which closes the Formula editor. Ten click Done to close the Mapping editor.

Next step
Next step

To continue, see Add connector to pipeline.