About Organizations

Once you have clicked the confirmation link and logged in to the Xapix Studio, you are presented with the Organization Dashboard. This shows your default organization, which we will use in this tutorial.

Organization dashboard

We recommend using the default organization. If you want to create another organization, you are welcome to do so, of course. The instructions below show you how to do that.

For information purposes only, the Create new Organization form is shown below.

Create new Organization form

If we needed to create a new organization, we would do so described in the following steps.




Open the Switch Organization dropdown menu, then click Create new Organization.


In the Create new Organization pane, enter a unique name such as Quick Start and provide a slug name such as quick-start.


Click Create. You should now have two organizations - the default organization and the one you just created.

Keep the slug as short as possible because it is used in the URL of the project. Also, I needs to be unique across all organizations in your Xapix account.

Next step
Next step

To continue, see Create a new project.