Create a new project

We can adding a project to our organization. In this step, we will create a blank project as shown below. Notice the options for creating a new project. Along with creating a new blacnk project, we could import a previously exported project or use one of the pre-built sample projects.

Options for creating a new project

The Create new Project form is shown below.

Create new Project page

To create a new project, follow these steps.




From within your organization, click Create a new Project.


Click Blank Project.


In the Create new Project form, enter a unique name and a description. The description is like a Readme file. The text in the description can be formatted and include clickable URLs.


Click Create.


After creating the project, you are ready to onboard a REST data source, then create your first Endpoint.

Next step
Next step

To continue, see Onboard a REST data source.