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Xapix is a flexible tool for integrating, orchestrating and distributing data. As a backend for IoT services, Xapix facilitates last-mile data integration delivery and smoothly solves system integration challenges across company partnerships.

Product managers, solution architects and developers can easily access, use and monetize their data by using Xapix to enable connections between new and existing systems.

15 Minute quick start tutorial

Learn how to use Xapix with the Quick Start Tutorial. Using an OpenAPI 2.0 schema file, we'll show you how you can create a project, build a pipeline, publish and test your project, all within a few minutes.

If you need a hand's on walk-through of Xapix, request a custom demo.

Xapix Use Cases

You can use Xapix's data source transformation and orchestration capabilities for these use cases.

Use case


IoT data streams

Connect to internal and external IoT data streams. Combine these streams with internal and external partners' data streams to develop new service offerings or user experiences, such as connected cars and machine data.


Aggregate, cache and homogenize data into common models to overcome the complexity of data schemas.


Convert, combine and transform data across formats and technologies (including REST APIs, SOAP web services and event streams).


Maintain and debug based on a fully traceable record of transactions.


Automate workflows through various integrations including functional semantic models.

Data access

Govern, secure and manage data access across teams and customers via a lightweight gateway functionality.

Learn more details about industry-specific solutions. Find out more details on Xapix and what it can do for data orchestration in the automotive sector.


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