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Integration and orchestration for disruptive business models
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Xapix is a low-code data integration & orchestration platform supporting the integration, transformation and distribution of data from APIs, web services, event streams and databases.

Get Started with these tutorials

Learn how to use Xapix with the Quick Start Tutorial. Using an OpenAPI schema file, we'll show you how you can create a project, build a pipeline, publish and test your project, all within a few minutes.
For a more advanced tutorial, we will walk you through creating endpoints, creating a pipeline, adding data sources to the pipeline, creating mappings between data sources, and finally preview, publish and test the project.

Xapix Use Cases

Industry Use Cases

Use Case
Aggregate Marketplaces - lightning fast integration and governance.
Industry 4.0 - enabling anomaly detection in the factory by training and deploying machine learning algorithms.
Digital Mobility Solutions - enabling faster go-to-market for mobility solutions.
Real Estate
Creating Digital Ecosystems - digitizing the real estate industry with integrations across PropTech and enterprise boundaries.

Technical Use Cases

You can use Xapix's data integration, transformation and distribution capabilities for these cross-industry use cases.
Use Case & Documentation Links
Flexible Connectors & Services
Choose from a range of connectors and preconfigured services with complete flexibility.
Data Mapping
Standardize and harmonize different data formats to insure the highest possible data quality.
Stream & API Orchestration
Intuitively orchestrate data via APIs or data streams in real-time. Maintain and debug based on a fully traceable record of transactions.
Edge Connection
Link Xapix to your Edge and process the data where you want it.
Applied AI in Pipelines
Remove complexities and deploy AI applications into production.
Learn more about Xapix, including industry-specific use-cases, on our website.
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