Manager Accounts

Step-by-step guide for third parties such as aggregators, brand houses and agencies accessing multiple seller accounts

1. Retrieve your credentials from Xapix and login to your reporting Dashboard

Need credentials to get started? Please contact us at [email protected]
  • The same registration link can be shared with any number of different sellers
  • The invited seller should have relevant access levels (ideally admin access) to the accounts you want to receive insights for
Dashboard Page Seller Registration Link
  • The account registration page confirms that your company (Acme Corporation in the example below) has invited the seller
  • In order to proceed, the seller is asked to create a Xapix account by confirming their email address, company name, password and accepting the terms & conditions
  • For more details on the seller account creation process for sellers, see here
Seller Sign-up Page Accessed via Invite Link

4. The seller is then guided through the required account authentication and COGS upload process

Seller Settings Page & Onboarding Guide
The Settings page guides sellers through the required steps. Click on the relevant links below for more details on each:

5. Successful seller connections are confirmed on the aggregator Settings page

  • On the Settings page > Data Services section, you can confirm which accounts the seller has successfully connected to Xapix as shown in the screenshot below
  • Furthermore, you can use the CoGS upload component to upload CoGS data in the same way that the seller can, as outlined here

6. What about sellers who previously connected Amazon Seller Central or Amazon Advertising services but do not have user accounts?

  • If a previously connected seller does not have a user account and you would like them to connect additional data services or re-authorize existing services, you will see a specific link on the settings page that can be shared with the relevant user as shown below
  • The seller can then go through the one-time registration process and will automatically be assigned to the existing seller account, where they can take further action such as adding a new data service, re-authorizing an existing service or uploading CoGS data