Connecting to Amazon Advertising Accounts

Details on connecting and disconnecting your Amazon Advertising accounts

1. Connect to an Amazon Advertising Account from Xapix

  • In the Xapix Settings page > Data Services section, choose the Amazon Advertising service for the relevant region and click Connect to enter the account authentication process via your Amazon Advertising account
Please ensure you that you sign-in to the correct Amazon Advertising account and have the access level required for authenticating with third party services (ideally Admin Access)

2. Complete the authentication process in the Amazon Advertising account

  • Once you click on Connect, you will be redirected to the Amazon Advertising Account login page or directly to the account if you are already signed-in
  • The consent page will ask you to grant Xapix access to the data outlined in the page description by clicking on Allow
  • You will now be redirected back to the Xapix settings page

3.Confirm your successful account connection

  • Upon successful authentication, the relevant Amazon Advertising Account will appear in the Data Services section of the Settings page as shown below
  • Xapix can now access Amazon Advertising API for the listed Advertising account in order to generate brand performance insights
For details on how to disconnect your Amazon Advertising account from Xapix, please see the following page