REST endpoints

Learn how to create a REST endpoint for use in building pipeline.

Before you create a REST endpoint, ensure you have added REST data sources to your project.

Any created endpoint is also reachable with a trailing slash. For example, if your published endpoint is .../foo, then it is also reachable by .../foo/.

To create a REST endpoint, follow these steps.

  1. From within a project, select Home > REST Endpoints > Add new.

  2. In the New REST Endpoint pane, select an HTTP Method.

  3. Enter a path to the endpoint. Note: http:// must be included in the path.

  4. Any path parameters must be provided within curly braces, for example {id}.

  5. Click Create Endpoint.

  6. The Pipeline dashboard appears. The new endpoint also appears in the list of REST Endpoints in the Home menu.


You can now start building a pipeline with your new REST endpoint.