OAuth2 Scheme

Authentication Schemes and Credentials can be created, edit and applied directly within the relevant Edit Connector page under Enable Authentication.

The OAuth2 scheme provides robust security by using an authentication server to communicate with an API server to grant access.

You need to provide a URL to a token endpoint. The is used to obtain an access token by providing credentials to the authorization server.

The Grant type is used for fetching the bearer token depending on the grant type different parameters will be used for fetching the bearer token:

  • client_credentials: Uses the parameters client_id and client_secret which requires a username/password credential where username is client_id and password is client_secret

  • password: uses the parameters username and password, which requires a username/password credential

  • refresh_token: Uses the parameter refresh_token, which requires a Token credential

An access token Scope can be (optionally) provided which defines the access rights to control whether a call can be made to the selected URL based on the credentials provided.

To create an OAuth2 scheme, follow these steps.

  1. In a project, select Home > Auth. Scheme. Alternatively, to edit directly within a specific Connector configuration, go to Connectors > Edit Connector > Enable Authentication.

  2. Click Oauth2.

  3. In the Create new Authentication Scheme page, enter the following information:

    1. A descriptive name for the scheme to be used to identify it later

    2. Enter a valid URL.

    3. Enter a Grant type (client_credentials, password or refresh_token).

    4. (Optional) enter Scope.

  4. Click Create.

  5. A list of authentication schemes will appear showing the new scheme.

  6. Dismiss the confirmation dialog.