Editing SOAP parameters

Once you have imported a SOAP data source, you can add, edit and delete one or more required parameters using the Edit Data Source pane

For SOAP data sources, you can set the following elements:

  • Envelope element

  • Body elements (child element of the Envelope element)

  • Body entries (child elements of the Body element)

  • Header element

SOAP data source required parameters

To edit SOAP data source parameters, follow these steps.

  1. In the Edit Data Source pane, expand the Required Parameters section.

  2. If any parameters require a data sample, enter a value in the respective fields.

  3. If the API requires authorization credentials, create them now and enable Authentication.

  4. It is good practice to set Acceptable HTTP Status Codes HTTP status codes to 200-600.

  5. Click Preview Data Source.

  6. Click Save Data Source.

Path parameters

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Query parameters

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Header parameters

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Cookies parameters

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